3 ways thanksgiving can help you build muscle!

Thanksgiving is a day that most of us chalk up as a loss in the lifestyle column. We wait all year long just to see how many sides we can pile up on our plate.

What many of us fail to see though is that this holiday is the perfect cheat day to help pump you up for the rest of your weekend's workouts!


Go ahead eat everything and then when you're done, eat some more. You deserve it; your celebrating! Go into this holiday with a plan, just like every other day to help maximize your food intake intent.

Think of this day as the ultimate cheat day, except make sure you still approach it with a functional view. Most people wake up on Thanksgiving and "save" their calories by not eating a breakfast. Unless you're practicing intermittent fasting this isn't actually the smartest way to prime your body for a huge upcoming meal.

Make sure you start your day off with a nourishing small bite like a cashew yogurt parfait with gluten free oats, pumpkin seeds and fresh berries. I use Raw Trainer meal service to help stock up on the week, they featured this parfait last week and it was a super energizing way to start my day.

The plan for the day should even include lunch if your celebratory dinner isn't until later. A large leafy green salad or warm vegetable and quinoa chili would be perfect to keep that metabolism primed for the big eat.

What if your dinner was earlier in the day?

No problem, breakfast as we discussed is still in play, but now it's time to beat that meal by positioning your attack. If your plan included the week before in prep then you've been in control of your food intake and workouts to allow this day to essentially become your cheat day or recovery day of the week. This means we are looking to replenish glycogen storage and load up on carbs like berries (maybe a pie) to aid with cellular rejuvenation.

Did you know Blueberries are one of the most nutrient dense super foods? It's the sugar in the pie that we truly need to limit in order to succeed, but if you see a piece this thanksgiving, make sure to eat it!

See not so hard yet right? Let's dive into those green beans and cashew