Eat Happiness

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Learn about a new Plant Based Meal Service called GO Buddha


I was recently lucky enough to join Thomas Keller at the Team USA Bocuse D'or fundraising dinner at the Culinary Vegetable institute.

In a short conversation about plants I asked the trivial question that every chef gets asked, "what is your favorite dish to create". Keller replied the one that makes you happy. I sat back a bit surprised as I think we all expected something truly classical to come out, but it also made me smile.

Here we were after all sitting in one of the most beautiful farms in the world and the dish that made us all happy was vegetables. Naturally I've always been connected to the Buddhist philosophy where the self is un-owned and true enlightenment is met by happiness.

It's true no matter what we set out to do each day it all comes back to being happy. So here I am chasing happiness and I finally met one of the greatest chefs alive and his dish of choice it the one that make you smile. I just wanted to package that thought up and give it to everyone, and you know what? I can!

GO Buddha was born as a chance to share the power of food through plant based Buddha Bowls in a weekly meal prep service that gives you back time, peace of mind and a little bowl of happiness.

There's still time to sign up for this week's menu!

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