Fundraising : GO Buddha

The idea started during an impromptu speaking engagement at the Cleveland Clinic. What if we could create affordable plant based meals to help our caregivers stay nourished throughout the week. This idea would essentially become a meal prep service, however it was designed to give the working professional time back in their day, and for the clinic this meant more time taking care of our patients.

When GO Buddha launched we decided to open the idea of this affordable plant based meal service to the public as well!

Seeing steady growth week after week we can't help but smile with how many meals we are now providing. GO Buddha has reached a tipping point though in which we need your help to keep in growing.

We've designed a reusable Buddha bag, Snap back Hat and T-Shirt for those of you who want to help but may not be close enough to the Cleveland area to take part in our expanding meal program.

GO Buddha was lucky enough to begin without a loan, capital or even a single investment. We just simply started selling affordable nutrition. To keep this program as sustainable as possible we're asking for your help and support by purchasing one of these new GO Buddha inspired items!

We're about a week away from going live on Door Dash and Post-mates which will make our meals even more accessible. In order for us to scale up to meet the incoming demand we need more refrigeration, packaging and employees!

100 shirts = a new deli refrigerator, 50 hats = packaging for over 1000 meals and so on. Every purchase helps us grow and gives you something to feel and look good in knowing that you're helping us feed more people!

The holidays are fast approaching and with the New Year, new resolutions are upon us and we want to be ready to help everyone live their best life while enjoying their extra time out of a kitchen with GO Buddha Meals.