Go For Buddha Bowls

Newly launched meal prep service quickly expands

We are in week four of our GO Buddha meal service pilot and business is good! It is one of the most rewarding feelings as a chef to be able to provide food that makes you feel better!

GO Buddha launched in September and has quickly seen a 30% increase in production week over week since its inception. The reach now extends up to a 30 mile radius around the Cleveland area.

Since week two the team has expanded adding another production cook and delivery driver.

The team's strategy is to shift production into the work week in the next couple of weeks after the pilot has ended and the core menu is established. GO Buddha will then be available during the lunch and dinner times during the week allowing you to order through UberEats, Postmates and even Door Dash making it even easier to get your meals for the week!

Stay tuned and don't miss out on ordering this week's menu. Ordering deadline is Friday at Midnight!

Use Code: CLEANEATING for 20% off your first order

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