How to make your Resolutions stick

It's that time of the year when you should, but are probably not thinking about your resolutions for the New Year. You should be thinking about them because this isn't something that you just throw up at the crack of midnight holding champagne.

For this year's resolutions to stick you will need to follow these principles.

Write a list of the ten most important things in your life, including things that you want or want to be.




Read more books

Learn how to cook

Eat better

Enjoy work more

Religion / Faith

Money / Wealth

Increase Kids Savings

Now take that list and cross off five that you can live without. I know it's tough because you want them all, but if last year was any indication of why these are on the list to begin with then I can probably safely say that you will not have the time to complete them all.

I chose a couple for you so that I can show you how to use some of the less obvious ones to allow you to tackle more. We all picked Family for sure (right?) well assuming we did then Health was probably right after that as it's one of the most popular resolutions. Finally I picked Read More Books and I will tell you why.

Let's look at the time in the day, we all have 24 hours or 86,400 seconds in a day to live. Some of us exist more efficiently while others mosey about with plenty of questions and little action.

The difference isn't luck, being more productive and achieving more out of life is directly linked to learning more. You will never have enough time in your life to experience everything that everyone has experienced. So to think that is the only way that you learn will severely cap your life's level of potential success.

You gain that experience and knowledge through reading. Top CEO's will read more than 60 books a year! So how do you find the time? Here's how and luckily we live in the age of digital libraries. I started using audible which immediately captured valuable time back during my drives in and out of work. Depending on your drive that could be an hour or two a day that you are reading instead of listening to sports talk grumble about the loss last night (Sorry I live in Cleveland).

Using Audible I've enhanced my level of knowledge on cooking, nutrition, business and self development. I'm on pace to finish 40 books this year with my goal to complete 60 next year to reach that level of our highest performing achievers. I've even started to listen to these books while working out, trying to steal anytime that I can to get ahead.

Some of the things that I've learned have already benefited me in the work place and have helped me refine my approach to developing my brand. Hence I started writing blog posts on my scheduled mornings off from the gym. I'm still up at 4 am, but now I'm throwing little nuggets of wisdom at you.

The next one is Health which will directly lead us into Family. So you want to lose weight? Sleep better? Reduce that soreness in your knees or your back? I get it and this choice to become healthier is something that you should take very seriously. The scary part of symptoms is that sometimes you don't even know that you have them until it is too late and you're laid up in bed at a hospital saying "how did I get here?".

I could go on about what we don't know about food, but this is post is to help take back your health. Our health goal is too big to attack at once, so let's start with food which is the driving force to our body's energy and recovery.

Similar to the list of ten things you love, the first step when I begin Health Coaching anyone is to make them create that same list of items that they know will need to leave their pantry. You'll see chips and soda and candy but often people over look items like milk and cheese and bread. Again a huge topic on what to eat can be better thought out in another post, however removing these items is a start and replacing them with whole fruits and vegetables is a great beginning.

The whole point is to begin to change your environment. Choices are one thing and yes we make the choice to consume what we do which is why we are literally made up of everything that we consume. It's a little easier to make better choices when those "foods" aren't there.

Next you'll change your shopping list and find healthy recipes to begin learning how to cook and eventually start meal prepping on Sunday's. This is and will be of course another future post topic. The bottom line to why people fail is not the want or the need, it is the time and time will be the reason every time that we fall off the boat of health and start to find convenience foods once again.

So here is a solution that my wife and I talked at length about, and yes even being a chef I was still up for this next option. Mainly because it meant that I would have more time with our kids and for this choice of finding a local meal prepping service was huge on increasing our quality Family Time.

We found Raw Trainer in Cleveland that delivers at a very reasonable price every Sunday.

We looked at the money that we would spend on groceries and waste of those groceries that time would never let us get to. Three meals a week for each of us was just enough to help get back some time with the family. Now when we cook we don't feel rushed or if we're on the go then we have another excellent option in the fridge.

To conclude you can see with the right plan you can accomplish more on the list with less action, but it takes a plan that will need action. If you have any question please feel free to reach out!

Please share this post with anyone that you feel could use a little extra help!

In good cooking,


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