My Mom Can Out Lift Your Dad!

Standing in at 5' even My Mother at the young age of 58 can seriously out lift most Dads and here's how.

Recently Sharon LaRoche, Epping NH (My Mom) says that she has finally found the balance that she has been looking for in and out of the gym.

When did she start Lifting?

She has always been one to gravitate towards healthier options, but she gives credit to the martial arts as really being the starting point to this incredible fitness journey.

Earning the rank of 4th Degree Master in the art of Tae Kwon Do with over fourteen years of training, she led her family of five through the art and eventually opened a school together in Newmarket NH.

She didn't stop there as she joined a local health and rehabilitation center called Synergy by the Exeter NH Hospital where for ten years she taught kickboxing and powerflex classes.

What drives her? The competition keeps her going, she suggests trying to find a class and a coach that fits your body's needs. It's taken her a while to find a coach in one of the classes she attends that can really push her to achieve.

By joining the structure of a class you end up pushing yourself harder than when you're alone, she says. Whether you're competitive or not when you're side by side someone you find yourself constantly trying to outperform them.

In these classes she'll find herself pulling and pushing a weighted sled, using kettlebells, bear crawls, inch worms, and even using weighted vests. She also just recently won an in class challenge with kettlebell swings outlasting another classmate that is over 20 years younger!

"Push ups, I can just about beat everybody, one handed, triceps, wide” "body weight movements are the key to integrate into your daily routine" - Sharon LaRoche

How she finds the balance?

Between the classes and the workouts she able to spread the love to all of the different muscles groups by listening to her body's needs. Sharon has perfected this mindful technique as she lets her body tell her when it's ready for the next class. She mentioned that injury is one of her only fears as the recovery at her age could take her out of the game for too long.

It's more than lifting though, she has been one of the most inspiring and uplifting people this earth has ever known. I'm so proud to call her my mom and when she told me that she was about to compete to qualify for her first strongman competition I just about cried with joy.

What does she eat?

This is one of those questions that everyone will ask when they see someone achieving more than they think they can. To me this question is first on my list as I understand through some of my best functional friends in the medical field that food is the catalyst to great health.

"Diet is the key to finally getting over the hump and being able to lose that last pound" - Sharon LaRoche

She eats eggs in the morning, and likes a lot of protein like fish and chicken.

She really limits the carbs and usually eats them as a treat. She is eating throughout the day and really enjoys beans and legumes.

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Training for the Strongman

I'd say that if my mom can attain better health than you could too, but then you'd be missing the outlying factor to who she is. To us she is unstoppable, living life with a beautiful indomitable spirit that has lifted her through the tough times and helped her stay hungry for what life has to offer.

You could be healthy like my mom, but she'd still out work you, and eventually out lift you. She just always has; and just when you think she'd be down and out she comes back stronger and eventually there will be no competition left that she can't conquer.

Stay tuned for part II of this incredible story, when we get the results of her first Strongwoman competition!

In good cooking,


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A quick guide to take back your health!

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