The Act To Vote Is Trending

83.1 Million strong represents our #Millennial generation here in the USA and they are finally coming out to vote during this year's general election.

Thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook + Twitter more and more people are voting. Every relevant hashtag is about the #election today and rightfully so as this could go down as one of the most important elections in our lifetime!

Organizing For Action Volunteers

The right to vote or the act of voting in a free country never seemed so important than it does today. With looming political issues such as #guncontrol #immigration + #healthinsurance who you elect next could be the seat that owns the vote to sway the next governing decision either way.

Did you know that in the last 14 years there have been over ten elections decided by only a handful of votes? So when that friend or family member scoffs at democracy remind them that their vote could literally be the deciding one.

I've watched for months now as my wife (Emily Christescu, Committee Member, Lakewood, Ohio 4H) campaigned with local organizing for action groups. Leading the way on an educational crusade to help connect our community to their candidates.

Let's continue to trend with action and tag everyone of your friends on social media today! If you see someone's post make sure to share it so that other people can see this impressive + historic millennial movement!

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