The Turkey Trance

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

It happens every year right, you wake up to the smell of that buttery herb roasted bird. For some this is a symbol of one of the biggest meals we will have in one sitting this year, for others the Tofurkey just doesn't create the same nostalgic memories (or smells...).

It's ok though we kind of write this day off as a loss in the health category anyway as we call dibs on each pie and begin to gorge ourselves with food.

If that Turkey didn't make us so tired we might even make it outside to play a game of touch football with our cousins. What if I told you it wasn't the Turkey that was making you sleepy? As a chef I believe my calling is to help demystify food and help us build a better relationship with it. Once we start understanding what we are consuming then I think it becomes easier to see the reason why.

So the Turkey has Tryptophan right? Well kind of, I mean it does but Tryptophan alone from Turkey will not make you sleepy, no matter how much you eat. On a list of the top foods that have Tryptophan Turkey is fifth behind nuts, seeds and cheeses. Even still how many of us are emptying the nut bowl around the holiday?